Thursday, December 25, 2008

Person Over Board

Last year, when I was at this little hotel beach bar in Hope Town, a picturesque little harbor town in The Abacos, I enjoyed a delightfully sinful cocktail with just three little ingredients. As I sipped two of them down (a little too quickly), I thought, “surely I can remember this recipe and make this when I get home.” My memory of that day goes into a fog beyond that notion so I remembered neither the name of the drink nor what was in it. Luckily, I found myself at the very same bar (at least I remembered where it was) and knew the drink as soon as I saw it on the painted drink menu board on the wall.

The P.O.B. (Person Over Board) is an aptly (and politically correct) named mixture of Southern Comfort, Myers's Rum and just enough pineapple juice to keep you from coughing up the first two ingredients. This time I only had one, but as it followed two cocktails at another beach bar 30 minutes earlier, this drink was promptly followed by a 3 hour nap as I could safely set myself down without fear of falling over-board myself. I don’t recommend this cocktail near water or work associates you don’t want to know better.

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