Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Moscow Mule - another Ginger Drink Delight

I've loved ginger beer since I was in college and enjoyed it for the first time at a place called Eats. Eats opened the same year I moved to Atlanta, and became an instant weekly stop for Emory students who coveted their cheap prices on pasta, jerk chicken and other comfort fare.

Their jerk chicken was sinus-clearingly spicy, but became a real experience when paired with their super-charged imported ginger beer which sent flames up the afore-mentioned sinuses. Since I was relatively good kid, the Jerk Chicken+Ginger Beer combo was my idea of the ultimate rush at the age of 18.

When I have TV and cocktail night on Friday's, I am not looking for a rush. I do enjoy a tasty beverage though. I discovered a cocktail recipe for something called the Moscow Mule in Bon Appetit magazine (who knew they did cocktails). It's basically Ginger Beer, Vodka and lime. Simple, straight forward and an appropriate rush for this spice-hound. I enjoyed a couple of these while catching up on Knight Rider the other night.

Check it out on Bon Apetit.

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